Coupons: Regain your visual capabilities with these adjustable glasses Coupons: Regain your visual capabilities with these adjustable glasses

June 9, 2018 0 By ialeworldcongress

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Wearing spectacles can be a lot of trouble as our eyes begin to falter with age often leading to presbyopia or myopia which is also known as farsightedness. I watched my mom face many troubles with her spectacles which needed to be checked regularly to adjust with her eyesight. After growing up, I started to indulge in a variety of exercises and dieting so I would always suggest her various recipes and foods to improve her eyesight.

She also faced many hassles in visiting the optician regularly to get her eyesight checked and get the lenses replaced accordingly. As my mother crossed the age of 45, her eyesight began to falter drastically and I started looking for a perfect alternative to solve her problems. Over time, she tried many products until I sent her the Adlens UZOOM Precision and she called me to frantically ask why had I not sent these reading glasses before.

To make their wonderful glasses available to more people, Adlens offers a wide range of promotional discounts and sales to customers on a regular basis. Any person visiting the website can subscribe to their updates and get a direct discount of $5 on every pair of Uzoom glasses that they buy. When I last visited the website to purchase an emergency pair of Uzoom glasses for my mom from, they offered me an extra discount of $10 along with free shipping. You can also find promotional codes, coupons and other offers on websites which specialise in providing discounts for online shopping.

Adlens has more than 2 million satisfied customers and offers a Lifetime Guarantee for its revolutionary Uzoom Precision glasses which are meant for detail work, reading and other similar tasks requiring close focus. Anyone who is not happy after using them can simply return the glasses within 90 days to get a full refund. These glasses feature the Alvarez Technology with dual lenses which allows their focus to be changed conveniently and reliably.

The lenses slide across each other when the dial attached to the frame is turned. Since a large number of people do not have the same power for lens in left and right eye, there is one dial for each side which can be adjusted smoothly. Users are advised to adjust the focus for each eye separately. These glasses work for any person wearing traditional reading glasses as they can be comfortably used to focus between a distance of nine inches to six feet with a 2.8 times magnifying boost. The focus of the glasses can be adjusted anywhere between +0.5 to +4.0 dioptre.

I also sent my mother a pair of Uzoom’s screen protect glasses which are specifically designed for viewing screens of digital devices. These glasses also feature an adjustable focus which can be focused up to a distance of 14 inches for working on smartphones. These specs can be adjusted to a power of +2.5 Dioptre for close range focus while shifted to a power of 0 dioptre for regaining normal vision to watch a far off TV screen while blocking 30 percent of the harmful blue light emitted by the screen.